Jedda Jones
Biographical Profile

Jedda Jones is a true Renaissance Woman. She transformed from corporate trainer to entertainment dynamo, excelling every step of the way.

Perseverance and versatility should be her middle names. She is a comedienne, writer, producer, actress and author. Her credits include associations with such television hits as Murphy Brown, In Living Color and Coach. Movies such as The Ray Charles Story, Indecent Proposal and Batman Forever have been enriched by her contributions.

Known as the "Voodoo Priestess" of comedy, she offers to her daily audience of radio listeners, this lively concoction: friendly psychic advice, lucky number picks and the recipe to problem-solving potions and spells.

Her radio alter-ego on The Tom Joyner Morning Show is "Ms. Dupre", a role which she plays to the hilt making her vast number of fans listen and laugh. But there is more to her than is immediately discernible. Wife, ex-wife, lover, mother, daughter, sister and girl friend, are just a few of the other titles that have shaped her life.

She has lived on the East Coast, West Coast and Gulf Coast. She is a world traveler with a love and respect for all cultures. She is a blessed woman who has lived most of her dreams and is grateful for new visions that promise to expand her world even more.

Jedda Jones introduced a phrase that really hit a nerve with her public, "I've got the gift and I've got to use it". In truth, she has many gifts and puts them to use often, on stage, in studios and anywhere else she goes.